HAUPTSTADTKONGRESS Lab is everywhere & always -
the agile space for managers, decision makers and experts from medicine and healthcare

HAUPTSTADTKONGRESS Lab sees itself as…

…the digital community event platform for decision makers, innovative topics & technologies and top brands in medicine and healthcare.

Right here is everywhere and always – the agile space for executives, decision makers and experts from medicine and healthcare but also many other exciting industries. The HAUPTSTADTKONGRESS Lab (short HSK Lab) thus complements the most relevant live event format for the healthcare industry in Germany, the HAUPTSTADTKONGRESS.

As a laboratory, we focused on creativity, agility, innovation and fresh approaches – both in the many exciting contents in the HAUPTSTADTKONGRESS Lab format universe and in the thematic spirit of experimentation. Industry, science, society and many other sectors come together to discuss, develop and shape the opportunities, risks and viable paths for a successful future of medicine and the healthcare industry in the digital age.

The HAUPTSTADTKONGRESS Lab thus complements the most relevant live event format of the healthcare industry in Germany, the HAUPTSTADTKONGRESS.

Annual leading congress for medicine and health economics in Berlin

365/7/24 digital community event platform

Accompanied in terms of content by a top-class advisory board and managed by the team of Prof. Dr. Stefan Heinemann as scientific and Falk H. Miekley as commercial director, HAUPTSTADTKONGRESS Lab focuses on the digital transformation in medicine and the healthcare industry and other innovative fields. Industry-specific topics on the micro (individual actors such as physicians, management, nurses, …), meso (institutions such as clinics, payers, governmental institutions, …) & macro level (market & state) are as essential as specific technological, social but also cross-industry topics. The groundbreaking developments in digital medicine and the health care industry are a strategic opportunity for almost all industries to develop cooperatively and responsibly into the most important market of the 21st century.


Digital events with top content and media quality

Simply participate in digital events, webinars, ...and many other attractive formats

Plan digital events of all kind, efficiently and execute them successfully

Self-service community event tools for relaxed planning and implementation of your format ideas

User profiles for all users and experts

Create visibility for stakeholders for more engagement and participation

Networking - Connecting with users and experts

Activate and grow your community and become part of the engaged HSK Lab community

Individual landing pages and branding elements for exhibitors and sponsors

Distinctively digitally staged and measurable fingerprints for personalities, brands and topics

Clear event agenda

Search, Find, Rejoice

Integration of live streams and video tools

Flexible, simple and powerful

Powerful and data-protected/secure IT infrastructure

Protected user & content data on a high-speed event platform


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